Season Overview

The 2023-24 season celebrates RCCA’s 40th concert season, featuring another great selection of artistic talent from many genres – diversity with superb entertainment value that appeals to all ages.

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October 15, 2023

Six Appeal is a world class vocal ensemble infused with impeccable timing and energy, and the vitality of a rock band. This award winning carpella group takes you on a journey that spans decades of music, performing classic oldies to current chart toppers. They have a passion for sharing the love of cappella music with every audience, with an ongoing mission to empower young singers through their educational outreach program.

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November 5, 2023

Bending genres and uplifting spirits, The Moanin’ Frogs offer an electrifying approach to chamber music. Conservatory trained and entertainment minded, their award-winning dynamic and technically precise performances of classical, ragtime, jazz, and pop delight fans across the world. Featuring all six saxophones from soprano to bass, they are unique today’s chamber music landscape as well as major performance halls and educational venues.

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January 28, 2024

For over 10 years, Bridge & Wolak have been having a ball twisting up classical music, folk traditions, and improv comedy. As the only duo to infuse digital accordion and acoustic clarinet, Michael Bridge (accordions and piano) and Kornel Wolak (clarinet and piano) create all their own repertoire. With deft virtuosity and endless wit, Bridge & Wolak have been called the “Victor Borges of the 21st Century.”

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March 3, 2024

The Black Market Trust is an American Traditional Pop/Vocal Jazz group who combine the sounds of the legendary American crooners and vocal groups with fire and energy. Consisting of five world class musicians who have recorded and performed on the world’s biggest stages and with music’s most renowned artists, the group capitalizes on their experience and pedigree to deliver a high energy, crowd pleasing performance filled with some of the best songs ever written.

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April 14, 2024

Quarteto Nuevo merges western classical, eastern European folk, Latin, and jazz with an organic feel that packs a wallop! Their diverse programs can be tailored to fit anywhere, from an intimate chamber music venue to a large outdoor festival. The ensemble’s razor-sharp precision is enhanced by jazzy interludes, lightly rumbling percussion motifs and mesmerizing rhythms.

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