CONCERTS 2018-19

Season Overview

The 2018-19 season celebrates RCCA’s 35th concert season, featuring another great selection of artistic talent from many genres – diversity with superb entertainment value that appeals to all ages.

Michael Kaeshammer RCCA

Michael Kaeshammer

October 7, 2018

Michael Kaeshammer has earned a loyal international following as a pianist, singer, songwriter, and producer. With a recording career spanning two decades, he has emerged as an original artist at the very top of his game. A true showman, his performances are a wild ride that you will love. He will perform with his sextet.

Christopher Hall and the Comic Quartet

November 4, 2018

Christopher is the former clarinetist of the Orchestre Metropolitain in Montreal who found work in the orchestra far too serious. So now, instead of joking around while sitting in the orchestra, he performs as a stand-up comedian who showcases his talent with humor.

The most surprising thing was at the end of the program Hall played the entire Mozart clarinet concerto like a first-rate soloist—Claude Gigras, La Presse



February 10, 2019

VIVA is an extraordinary vocal group expanding on the boundaries of classical crossover music. Comprised of three sopranos, Anna Bateman, Erin Fisher, and Katya Tchoubar, the VIVA trio is mesmerizing. Their music, which is epic and amazing will uplift, inspire, and transport you to a place that is magical.

Catapult RCCA


March 10, 2019

From the stage of America’s Got Talent we bring you Catapult. You must see them to believe them. This seven-member dance team of shadow dancers creates stories behind a special screen. With unbelievable grace and lightness, the dancers transport the audience into fantastical worlds. Their performance spans dance, storytelling, art and sculpture.

Six Appeal RCCA

Six Appeal

April 7, 2019

Six Appeal is a world-class vocal ensemble that infuses sharp comedic timing with high energy and vitality-all without instruments. This award winning a cappella group takes you on a journey that spans decades and genres of music—including oldies, pop, jazz, and R&B. Their performance brings unmatched energy and playful charm.